Silver Bullet Saddle Club

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Chaos In Clearwater Demolition Derby

Silver Bullet Saddle Club's 2023 Officers


Jesse Andreoff  763-238-2789  [email protected]

Vice President

Jeremy Scott  763-691-4880  [email protected]


Kari Wrobel  320-444-6288  [email protected]


Debra Podvin, 320-260-8104  [email protected]

Board Members

Katie Gordon  515-835-1600

Mario Pekarek  612-978-3031

Larry Carlson  612-366-5873

Junior Board Member

Madison Willprecht

SBSC Committees and Chairperson 

  • Event Vendor Committee: Jesse Andreoff, 763-238-2789 
  • Education/Fun/Fundraising Committee: Jesse Andreoff, 763-238-2789
  • Grounds Committee: Mario Pekarek, 612-978-3031
  • Parade Committee: Shannon Valley, 612-290-9880
  • Rodeo Committee: Jeremy Scott, 763-691-4880
  • Royalty Committee: Debra Podvin, 320-260-8104
  • Show Committee: Shannon Valley, 612-290-9880
  • Trail Committee: Shannon Valley, 612-290-9880
  • Social Media: Debra Podvin, 320-260-8104
  • Rentals: Kari Wrobel, 320-444-6288
  • Motorsports: Jesse Andreoff, 763-238-2789

Looking for alternative directions to get to our grounds?

If you are interested in advertising with us, becoming a sponsor or if you have any general Clearwater Rodeo questions, please contact Jeremy at 763-691-4880 or email him at [email protected] 

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For those interested in sponsoring our Chaos in Clearwater Demolition Derby, please contact Jesse at 763-238-2789 or email [email protected]

If you are interested in being a vendor at our events, please contact Jesse at 763-238-2789

Interested in competing at the 2023 Clearwater Rodeo? Contact Jill at [email protected]

Interested in renting our club grounds? Please email us at [email protected]